San Francisco’s Anthony Jones is best known for being the voice of performance art project MONASTIC and for
using his album sales and concerts to raise funds and awareness for the
Wolf Mountain Sanctuary in Lucerne Valley, Ca.
Having been a composer and vocalist for
Alaska Highway with Mike Best of Among the Weeds and The Point of Reflection with John Koviak of Sub-Version, Anthony gained a North American fanbase.
It was his cover version of Suicide Commando’s “Love Breeds Suicide,” his rendition of L’ame Immortelle’s “Love is Lost,” and vocal contributions to :Wumpscut:’s “Killuh,” that exposed Anthony to a larger European and Russian audience.

Anthony's solo albums feature old world instrumentation, fused with darkwave synths and beats. 
He has often recorded with Sister, DJ Amanda Jones, whom is featured on almost all of his solo releases.
In 2016, Anthony and Monica Richards (The Eden House / Faith and the Muse / Strange Boutique) combined their material for select performances. They have continued to work together and performed at 2018's WGT festival in Germany. Anthony and Monica have released an E.P. through DanceMacabre Records and are currently developing a full length album.